Supported students' project: Guadeloupe June2023!

14 students, 2 teachers, 1 discovering journey to the Geothermal system in Guadeloupe

The ITI GeoT is delighted to support this incredible student innitiative through their call for project/financing.

We are a group of 14 students accompanied by two teacher-researchers in the third year of the Earth, Universe and Environmental Sciences degree program at EOST. We have, together, the will to create a last project within the framework of our Licence. It is very important to us because it is an ambitious challenge for us. It is also an opportunity to accomplish ourselves by refining our training.

For our project we chose an island in the West Indies to answer different questions that interest us. As our university is located in Alsace, in Strasbourg, we are concerned by geothermal energy and the exploitation of resources. The geothermal power plant of Bouillante allows to produce 6 to 7% of the electricity of Guadeloupe ( We wanted to understand how geothermal energy works thanks to our hydrogeological knowledge of mineral and energy resources. Moreover, we want to link this project to the new master's degree offered by EOST, which includes geosciences for energy transition. This end-of-bachelor internship project will also allow us to gain field experience with the possibility to visit La Soufrière and to meet different experts, such as a collaboration with the volcanological and seismological observatory of Guadeloupe. This field experience would allow us to put into practice our knowledge acquired at the university.

In total, this project is possible thanks to the financial support of ITI GeoT, EOST, Fondasol, Total and Geophyse.  

We are eager to share with you their adventure !!! To be continued ...