MOBIL'ITI Scholarships

The ITI GeoT offers a financial support for master and PhD students

The MOBIL’ITI GeoT scholarship program is open to all master and doctoral students who meet the following conditions:

Attribution Criteria

The candidate must

Master scholarship:

  • Be administratively registered in the ITI GeoT master program in M1 or M2

PhD scholarship:

  • Be registered in a doctoral school and have been selected to carry out research in one of the ITI GeoT Working Groups

Financial support accumulation

The Mobil’ITI grant cannot be combined with the following mobility support schemes:

  • Unistra international mobility support scheme (DRI)
  • Erasmus+ MIC / Mundus / KA 103 except Erasmus+ Internship KA103
  • UFA
  • Other financial support from IdEx funding
  • The student-allocatee may not benefit from any other financial aid supported by IdEx for the same academic year.

Funding procedures

Participation in travel and installation costs*Student from a European country = 500€.
Student coming from a country outside Europe = 1,000€.
Participation in registration fees500€ to 3,500€ (depending on situation)
Participation in living fees (only for Master scholarships)2,000€

*Except for students/PhDs who have completed the current year in a higher education institution in France.

Application procedure

All appliations for Mobil'ITI scholarships must be submitted at the same time as the application for the ITI program 


After selection, the grant will be sent upon the reception of a copy of the school certificate from the University of Strasbourg for the current year

As well as the list of the following documents completed:

  • 1 RIB in the name of the student (printed on an A4 sheet), issued by a French bank agency NB: foreign RIBs will not be accepted
  • Letter of commitment to reimburse all or part of the scholarship in the event of abandonment or premature ending (appendix 1)
  • Missionary form (appendix 2)
  • A copy of the registration fees