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Software Development Engineer M/W

As part of the modernisation of the digital infrastructure of the Deep Geothermal Data Centre (CDGP) - currently run by the ITI GeoT (Geosciences for the Energy Transition) at UAR830 EOST (École et Observatoire des Sciences de la Terre) - and the deep reservoir observatory project at EOST concerning data from deep geothermal sites in the Alsace region, EOST is looking for a study engineer M/W to work on renewing the CDGP infrastructure as well as modernising the digital infrastructures of BCSF-Rénass (Bureau Central Sismologique Français-Réseau National de Surveillance Sismique). The aim of this renewal is to enable data to be distributed in compliance with FAIR standardisation and quality criteria, access security criteria and the integration of new data of various types into the dedicated work environment.
This ambitious project will involve migrating software from the current architecture to the new one, which will have to be more consistent with the other infrastructures of the EOST observatories. Scientific challenges will have to be met in terms of the architecture to be put in place to integrate the new data typologies. Writing will be done mainly in TypeScript and Python.

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  • September 2024: PhD (M/W) in induced seismicity: multi-scale modeling of the interplay between fluid flow and faults, at ITES/EOST 

  • January 2024: Post-doc (M/W) in geochemistry, geochemical and mineralogical reaction on granitic basements in association with geothermal reservoirs

  • October 2023: PhD (M/W) in Natural hydrogen generation in granitic geothermal reservoirs of the Upper Rhine Graben

  • September 2023: Post-doc (M/W) in induced seismicity analysis at ITES/EOST Strasbourg for 18 months

  • September 2023: PhD (M/W) in Generation of field data and integration with core/wireline well data from geothermal and lithium exploration

  • July 2023: Post-doc (M/W) in induced seismology for two years

  • May 2023: Post-doc (M/W) in georeservoir modeling at ITES/EOST

  • March 2023: Data Integration Engineer (M/W)