PhD fellowships

The ITI GeoT is founded on a strong commitment to training the next generation of international leaders for a decarbonised future.

Current fellowships

Malik Abdullayev, 2024-2027, Architectural Characterization of the Upper Triassic Bunsandstein Formation_Conglomerat Principal (Financed by Azerbaijan government)

Sarvar Mammadov, 2024-2027, Deformation, failure and fluid flow in carbonates around geothermal sites in Alsace (Financed by Azerbaijan government)

Anna Wallentin, 2023-2026, Native Hydrogen in Granitic Geothermal Reservoirs (Financed by ITI GeoT)

Gabriela Knobelock, 2023-2026, Temporal and Spatial Evolution of the Lower Triassic Buntsandstein Formation (Financed by ITI GeoT)

Rachit Gautam, 2023-2026, Induced seismicity at the Balmatt geothermal doublet (northern Belgium) (Financed by INERIS)

Flavien Mattern, 2023-2026, 4D passive monitoring of a deep geothermal reservoir in the Strasbourg area by interferometric approaches using ambient seismic noise and induced earthquakes (Co-financed by ITI GeoT and ED413)

Rémi Fiori, 2021-2024, Optimising monitoring networks for induced seismicity detection in an urban context: application to the development of deep geothermal energy (Co-financed by the LabEx G-eau-thermie Profonde and ADEME)

Kamel Drif, 2019-2022, Development of advanced microseismic monitoring and machine learning tools for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) (Financed by INERIS)

Defended PhD

Weiwei Shu, 2020-2023, Analogical modelling of frictional slip on faults: implications for induced and triggered seismicity (Financed by the China Scholarship Council and ITI GeoT)

Dariush Javani, 2018-2023, Modelling P-wave velocity variations related to aseismic slip in a fractured reservoir (Financed by Total and ITI GeoT)

Qinglin Deng, 2019-2022,  Multi-scale hydro-mechanical behaviour of rough fracture: implications for EGS reservoir stimulation  (Financed by the China Scholarship Council)

Former LabEx G-eau-thermie PhD students

You can find a list of former PhD students here