Studing in Strasbourg - FAQ

The University of Strasbourg is an international university that welcomes thousands of foreign students every year.

Multiple services exist to facilitate our students lifes.

Those services include housing, food services, health servicessports and culture

For more information about your arrival and settling you can follow this link or download the following guide: 


Frequently asked questions

  • Tuition fees

The French public education system is committed to making higher education available to all. Tuition fees will not exceed €600 per academic year for French and EU students. Unfortunately, starting in September 2024, the tuition fees for extra-EU students will reach 3,770€. 

Note: our students can apply for a MOBLI'ITI scholarship that reimburse the tuition fees 

  • Application fees

There is no application fees.

  • Links for online application

The applications must be done following the appropriate websites: for international and for french students in M1 and in M2. No applications will be received out of these procedures. 

  • Application dates 

Each one of the websites have their own periods for applications. CampusFrance (international students) will start in November while Mon Master and ecandidat (French student) will start in February/March.

  • Living cost in France

It is preferable to plan a monthly budget between 600 and 800 Euros to cover the costs of food, transportation and accommodation. Of course, this amount depends on the location or the type of student residence. See some examples.

  • Financial aid

Different bursary programs are available depending on the student situation. Also, the ITI GeoT has its own scholarship called MOBIL'ITI for which you can apply.

  • Getting a student visa to France (non-EU students)

For more information about this topic go through the following website. Do not forget to apply for your student visa as soon as your application has been accepted. 


For more information, contact:  iti-geot-formation[at]