WG1 Seismology

The seismology group aims to characterise and monitor sub-surface fluid reservoirs using passive seismic methods and numerical and analogue models. The group’s research includes the analysis and understanding of induced micro-seismicity, sub-surface imaging and monitoring using ambient seismic noise, as well as setting up and maintaining seismic station networks.


Leader: Jérôme Vergne (EOST)

EOST/ITES: J. Schmittbuhl, O. Lengliné, C. Doubre, D. Zigone, S. Lambotte, A. Maggi, M. Grunberg, A. Schlupp, H. Jund, M. Bes de Berc, H. Wodling

PhD students/Post-docs: R. Fiori, K. Drif, R. Köpke

Seismology publications

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