Data retrieval, management, archiving and dissemination for the solid Earth sciences.

EPOS (European Platform Observing System) is committed to creating infrastructure in support of integrating data, data products, and facilities related to solid Earth science in Europe.

The project uses a multidisciplinary and open research approach to answer the challenges in the Earth sciences, including those related to resources and geo-hazards. One of the project’s core missions is to increase access to and use of multidisciplinary data from monitoring networks, experimental laboratories, etc. from across Europe.

The ITI GeoT is an active participant in the ‘Anthropogenic hazards’ (AH) axis of the EPOS, which addresses the anthropogenic exploitation of geological resources including deep geothermal energy exploitation. To this end, the ITI GeoT maintains the Data Centre for Deep Geothermal Energy (CDGP).

Funded by: ITI GeoT, with co-funding from EPOS ERIC

250 partners from 25 European countries

Project duration: Indefinite

To learn more visit (in English): The EPOS website: www.epos-eu.org and the TCS AH platform: www.tcs.ah-epos.eu

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